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Helping You Through Your Business Transactions Needs

Attorney Bastien sets himself apart from other Business Attorneys in that he enjoys being a business professional just as much as practicing law. He has always balanced his passion for the business world with that of the law.

After earning his law degree, he furthered his education by specializing in Business Practice by earning a Master’s of Law (LL.M.).  He also worked for a corporation prior to actively practicing law. He actively evaluates and counsel’s businesses with the help of other business professionals such as accountants and certified financial planners. Attorney Bastien has also had the advantage of being exposed to varied facets of the law, such as criminal law, torts litigation, contracts litigation, thus enabling him the ability to be able to effectively counsel your business for its needs.

Attorney Bastien has also amassed international experience should you wish to expand your business globally. It also helps that he is fluent in Spanish, French and has a working knowledge of Italian.

Attorney Bastien can satisfy the day-to-day needs of your business, so you can rest well knowing you always have an Attorney you can count on. Having consistent legal counsel frees up your time and energy to focus on growing your enterprise.

With extensive knowledge and real-world business experience, Attorney Bastien can guide your company to be stable and efficient. Attorney Bastien will help you evaluate all needs of the company.

Do not wait. Call me now at 404-865-1952 for a free consultation. I speak English, Spanish and French.