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How My Firm Can Support Your Other Legal Needs

Every time a person walks through my door at the Law Offices of Villard Bastien, LLC, with a legal problem, there is a different set of challenges and struggles to address. You are not like anyone else, and you deserve to work with an attorney who understands that. Moreover, you deserve to work with an attorney who has prepared for a wide variety of potential issues.

I serve clients across Georgia and am licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey. You can call me directly by dialing 404-865-1952 or you can reach me online to talk about your experiences and get solutions that work for you.

Supporting You When The Unexpected Happens

My extensive legal history and decades working with clients prepare me for almost any issue you may have with the law. In addition to my primary practice area, I can help you navigate:

You’ll find a kind ear at the Law Offices of Villard Bastien, LLC, to guide you through whatever legal steps are needed to protect you and your loved ones.

You Can Trust Me To Be Your Strongest Defender

I am a seasoned advocate who has been through this before. I will tailor a strategic case that will give you the best opportunity for success. These can include timely filings, challenging evidence, scrutinizing procedures or fighting illegal searches. I listen with compassion – then propose a comprehensive plan to move forward.

Do not wait. Call me now at 404-865-1952 for a free consultation. I speak English, Spanish and French.